Remember GIGO?

What you feed your mind influences it.

What you feed your mind influences it.

According to Wikipedia, Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) in the field of computer science refers to the fact that computers, since they operate by logical processes, will unquestioningly process unintended, even nonsensical, input data (“garbage in”) and produce undesired, often nonsensical, output (“garbage out”).

My definition

I have co-opted GIGO to mean that, if you feed your mind garbage, then your mind will produce undesirable thoughts. Since the Law of Attraction dictates, “You get more of what you focus on,” then feeding your mind garbage results in a garbage-filled life.

Be Careful What You Feed Your Mind

If you want to know the biggest Influencer in your life, the answer would be, “Your mind.” Your mind is with you 24/7 and influences every aspect of how you experience life. When you sleep it influences your dreams.

Western society spends an unreasonable amount of time obsessing about what we eat. Is it too much or too little? Is it good for me or bad for me? One of the fastest ways to make a lot of money is to create a book or video or class that promises a beautiful body while you eat whatever you want.

Our minds don't know the difference between pretend and reality.

Our minds don’t know the difference between pretend and reality.

What we don’t pay nearly enough attention to is what we feed our minds. Oh, we have lots of opinions about what children should be feeding their minds. We know that small, impressionable minds shouldn’t be exposed to violent films or TV shows. We are horrified when parents of teens allow them to play violent video games.

All of the above falls under the category of what our parents said to us that we hated: do as I say, not as I do.

This Really Matters

I am in recovery from a major depression that lasted for 30 years. I can tell you without equivocation that what you feed your mind makes a huge difference in the quality of your life. Since your mind is your constant Influencer, it is imperative that you give it material that will help rather than hurt you. Paying attention to what I focused on was the beginning of my recovery from depression.

Your Mind Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Pretend & Reality

I will never forget the day this was driven home to me with a 2X4 (metaphorically, not literally—a 2X4 would hurt!). I was in a really foul mood. A foul mood is so much worse than a bad mood. It is—well—FOUL. Since I had begun to really pay attention to cause-and-effect in my life, I was confused. I couldn’t pinpoint any reason for feeling so dark. There was nothing going on at the time that would explain it.

And then it hit me! While on the elliptical trainer at the gym I had been listening to books on tape. At the time I was listening to a James Patterson novel. I can’t recall the title but I DO recall it had a lot of graphic violence. Since my brain (like yours) doesn’t know the difference between pretend and reality, at some level my mind thought it was happening to me. The foul mood was the reptilian part of my brain signaling me that I was in imminent danger.

Since that day I am careful about what “entertainment” I choose. Friends who don’t necessarily subscribe to my opinion on this but honor my choices will call and say, “Don’t go see this movie, you will hate it.” I walk out of movies that make me uncomfortable (and ask for a refund) and have been known to throw a book or two across the room when the ending was far from happy. There are authors I will never read again, even though (or maybe because) they are great writers.

Nutritious Food for the Mind

We live in a wonderful time when information is as close as our computers. There are numerous websites, videos, blogs, podcasts and online articles that can inspire and uplift. There are books, movies and TV shows that can do the same. The more we feed our minds a nutritious diet, the less stressed we will be and the more we attract what we want.

In the work we do (paid or not), why not focus on the positive aspects of what we’re doing? What if we celebrated each step of progress? What if we allowed ourselves to feel the thrill of a job well done? Imagine the quality of your life if your mind, your biggest influencer, was consistently applauding your efforts.

Question: Are you careful about the diet you are feeding your mind? Do you remember a time when you realized your mind was being negatively influenced? What prompted you to start paying attention to this? I am gathering these kinds of stories and would love to hear about your experience.

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Selina Schuh - September 16, 2015


What a wonderful way of talking about how to watch what we are thinking about. Seeing it in terms of a diet makes sense. I’ve gotten rid of cable several years ago, because even with all of the channels offered, it all still felt like garbage. Now I only use Netflix and Hulu to specifically choose what I watch. But even then, I have to be careful. Sometimes I realize that a show I’ve been getting into, is becoming more and more gruesome and it’s a signal for me to choose something different. Not a ton of entertainment out there that is truly uplifting, I have to say!

Dolly - September 16, 2015

Silver, I agree wholeheartedly!
Am I an ostrich?
If I can’t do anything about it why am I reading, listening or attending
it? I don’t NEED it!
Thank you for confirming that what I concentrate on (positivity) will definitely increase my attitude of gratitude!
Much love to my favorite coach!
The presentation went well, thank you !

Shawn Smothers - September 18, 2015

Silver – this is so true – I am always trying to read something up-lifting and positive – I love mysteries trying to figure out “who done it” but have to balance them with other happy stories need good endings because we don’t always experience a good ending in life. My husband won’t watch a movie with a sad or unhappy ending. I have nightmares if I see too much trauma – and since I am a nurse – it is wise to limit exposure after hours.
I love HGTV and cooking shows – because I can relax and knit while watching – even though I don’t really cook much I can whip up a good meal ever holiday . I am more of a heat and go cook HA!! It is reassuring to watch them perhaps because I always sat and watched my grandmother create wonderful meals . I think it is a miracle to have a recipe throw a bunch of ingredients together from a recipe and suddenly have a great meal or special dish to enjoy with friends and family.
Silver, thanks for keeping me “focused on what I need to be focused and you really do get more of what you focus on ” just makes life better if I need friends I always focus on being one – works every time and I have moved 23 times in that past 46 years and friends are everywhere. I count you as one of my greatest inspirational friends. You are in my prayers – I can feel how much you loved Bill over the years we have been in touch and hope you can feel the support of all of us out here who you have helped to cope with challenges in living. Thanks a million Love
Shawn 🙂

Silver - September 30, 2015

Thank you so much, Shawn. Your words have brought such a huge grin to my face and a tender feeling in my heart. You are appreciated. Hugs & loads of love!!! Silver

Silver - September 30, 2015

Thank you, sweet Dolly. If you’re an ostrich, you’re the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen (AND the most grateful). You’re MY coach, too!

Silver - September 30, 2015

I know. There have been several shows that I enjoyed at the beginning and then they took a dark turn (presumably to increase ratings). It’s so disheartening BUT you and I know that we just need to focus on all the great entertainment out there and there will be plenty. BTW, since you’re on NetFlix, check out Gilmore Girls. FUN FUN FUN

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