A Rampage of Appreciation for Workers

By Silver Rose

A Rampage of Appreciation for Workers

Since last week’s column about the topic of appreciation, I have been focused on the theme. Because of that focus, The Law of Attraction, which says, “You attract more of what you focus on,” kicked in BIG time! I had a profound experience I want to share with you.

I was driving on Sunday and my thoughts wandered back to the night before. I’d been to see a movie with friends. As we searched for our car in the parking lot afterward, I spotted a blue car that made me gasp with admiration. I was basking in appreciation for the style and the color even before I got close enough to see the logo that said, “Maserati.”

As I thought about that car the next day, I began to think about how proud the designers must be of what they’d accomplished. Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of appreciation coursed through my body as I started to think about the people who had built the car I was driving. Then my thoughts expanded outward as I began to realize that, everywhere I looked and everything I touched, workers were responsible for what I was experiencing. This realization filled me with awe and an overflow of appreciation.
Ø Workers designed the road on which I traveled, and workers built it
Ø Workers were responsible for the radio show I was enjoying and the radio on which it was being received
Ø The beautiful landscaping I saw had been grown by workers, sold by workers in a nursery, delivered by workers in a truck, paid for by workers in an office, planted by workers and was being maintained by workers.
Ø The clothing I was wearing? Brought to me by workers!

Even the eyeglasses through which I was viewing all of this had been brought to me by a variety of workers!! I was completely aware of and in full appreciation for the workers who so profoundly improve my life every single day. It felt GREAT!!!! I felt an incredible connection to people I’d never even met!

It then occurred to me that I cannot individually express my appreciation to those whose work benefits me. But there are ways I can express appreciation.
Let’s begin with you.

On behalf of those who benefit greatly from it, thank you for the work that you do. It’s important. Thank you.

Without your work, whatever it is, there are people who would be deprived somehow. I want you to think of them right now. Sit quietly, close your eyes and think of the people who benefit from the work you do. Maybe you’ll never meet them but you are in a relationship with them, nonetheless. Because of what you do, their lives are different. Because of what you do, they have more possibilities. And because of them, you have work!

I stopped and ate in a fast food restaurant this morning. Because the workers were there early to open the restaurant, cook the food and serve it to me, I was able to go to a meeting nourished. I do not do good work when I am hungry. Because of their work this morning, I was able to do better work today and any benefit my customers received was made possible by the workers in that restaurant.

Most of you read this column because you want to have more satisfying lives. The quickest path to everything you want is through the daily practice of Appreciation.
Appreciation starts with not taking things for granted. It starts with becoming more aware. How did that meal make it to your table? How did that carpeting end up on your floor? How did that search engine get onto your computer? In the moments you are appreciating the things and people you interact with daily, you are attracting other things that to appreciate. This is how The Law of Attraction works. If for no other reason, appreciate because it feels SO good to do so!

Living a life of appreciation, moment by moment, will make you more alive and give you more passion than you ever dared dream. Try it, you’ll like it! I promise.