Activity v. Results

How can you powerfully leverage the Law of Attraction to produce more results? You must plan for and focus on results. Here’s how:

There are three important questions to ask about every situation:

Q1. What do I want in this situation? When I’m done, what will I have produced?

The Law of Attraction says that you get more of what you focus on. Your focus determines your direction. When you focus on the result you are attempting to produce, you will get there more easily and with less effort. When you focus on activities, you will simply attract more activities, many of which may be entirely unrelated to the result you seek.

Once the result is determined, it’s important to know:

Q2. Why do I want to do it? What will be different because I’ve done it and how will I feel when it’s accomplished?

Anthony Robbins, who has been coaching people to produce extraordinary results for over two decades says, “What you focus on, you feel.” Think about that for a moment and to test it, ask yourself:

A. How do I feel when I focus on my “to do” list?

B. How do I feel when I imagine having produced the result I seek?

If you’re like me, focusing on Question A makes me tired before I even begin. The answer to Question B inspires me to act. This is important because the way your inner guidance system lets you know whether you’re on track or not is through your emotions. When you feel bad, the message is: if you stay focused where you are focusing, you will NOT like the results. Conversely, when you feel good, the message is: if you stay focused where you are focusing, you are REALLY going to like the results.

Over the years I’ve asked people, “Why show up for work each day?” The answers make me want to take a nap:

I like to eat.
I don’t have a choice.
I haven’t won the lottery yet.

If you don’t have more inspiring reasons than this to show up for work each day, my guess is you are keeping score of precisely how many years and months until you retire and, in the interim how many days, hours and seconds until the weekend. Let me burst your bubble in an attempt to get you to stop delaying happiness. You will be the same person in retirement as you are at work today. If your job is drudgery, retirement will be, too. Have you noticed how few exciting weekends you manage to put together?

Q3. How will I achieve it? What’s my roadmap? If I run up against a roadblock, what are some alternative ways to get there?

Because we’re talking about producing a specific result, activities by themselves will not do the job. What you need is a strategy for getting there. When you shift your mindset from activities to strategy, the word itself is a continual reminder that you are working toward a result.

Let’s use my plan for today as an example of how it works:

WHAT: The result I want to produce today is to get completely caught up on delivering what I’ve promised to people.

WHY: It will free the rest of my week to work on an exciting new program I’m launching.

HOW: My strategy is to prioritize those things I’ve promised so the most important ones get done first which will energize me to keep going.

I’ve had these things on my “to do” lists for awhile now and have been procrastinating. What’s different today is that, not only am I focused on the result but I know why I want to do it and the reason really inspires me. I feel happy as I move toward the result because I know the “goodie” that will be my reward.

By the way, you can do this as your plan for a day or even for the project sitting in front of you which may only take part of the day. Use the process and watch how much more quickly you get it done and how good you feel during the process. You get what you focus on—focus on RESULTS!

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