Let the Energy Flow!

As I look around at others and also into my own life, I notice that many of our problems may boil down to a simple blockage—a blockage of energy.

Allow me to explain. All day, every day you and I are summoning life energy through our desires. Every time we notice something that we don’t like, we immediately put in a silent request to the powers-that-be for the opposite. This contrast between where we are and where we want to be is what summons the energy of life. When people give up wanting, they quickly become depressed because they have stopped summoning all but the slightest amount of life force.

Haven’t you noticed that your desire for more money is strongest when you are going through a financial crisis? A cry for health is emitted not when we are already healthy but when we fall ill. And sadly, we fervently wish we could shower loved ones with affection often after they’re gone and it’s too late.

The gap between where you are and where you want to be is where creativity occurs. Your life has everything to do with your own creativity—that desire you were born with to do better and have more.

When you have great desire and you don’t let that energy through, it’s called resistance. It starts out small, maybe a little impatience or a tiny ache behind your eyes. If we don’t do something about it, then the symptoms get stronger. We move into full blown frustration or an actual headache. The more we ignore the signals that tell us we are not allowing the energy we have summoned, the stronger the negative impact.

These thoughts were triggered because I’ve been having problems with my back for the last three days which coincides with having delivered three all-day workshops. I love delivering programs and I had a lot of fun and so did the participants. But, as I look back, I realize that I was letting far less energy flow through me than what I was summoning. Afraid to be too “out there” with my audience, I unconsciously ratcheted things back a notch or two so as not to “look foolish.” What a shame. Not only did I end up with back problems, I also know that I could have delivered even better workshops had I opened the spigot all the way.

Is that what holds us back? Looking foolish? That’s why some people resist the energy. For others it is fear of being disappointed again. What if I give it my all and it doesn’t work out? So we mistakenly believe that “not getting our hopes up” keeps us safe when the opposite is true. By not letting the energy flow, we pretty much guarantee we won’t get what we want and, to add injury to insult, we develop aches and pains, emotional and physical.

By all means, desire much. Summon the energy. But let it through once you’ve summoned it. When I look around at the elderly, I can see so clearly those who let the energy through and those who have resisted and resisted until their bodies are bent or they can barely move for the pain in their limbs. Unfortunately, we are also seeing that in younger and younger people. We block the energy through eating until we become too big to move. We block the energy through alcohol and drugs until we are in a stupor. We sit for hours in front of the television wishing we could be like those we are watching but not letting it through!

So what would life be like if you really allowed the energy you are summoning to flow freely? What if you didn’t block it by “not hoping for too much” or “being realistic?” I think the possibility was best captured by the author Souza:


as though no one is watching you


as if you have never been hurt before


as though no one can hear you


as though heaven is on earth

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