Would you like to increase your influence?

I am shifting the focus of my business to the arena of influence—or am I?

As I have been pondering this for the past few weeks, I have come to see that what I teach and coach has always been about influence—influencing what you attract, influencing how you feel about life and yourself, and influencing how you interact with others.

Life, including work, is all about relationships. Our pain and our joys revolve around these relationships.  We are always influencing someone. The question is are we influencing in a positive or negative way?

In marketing, they teach you to have what is known as an elevator speech. The idea is, if someone on an elevator asks what you do you should be able to clearly articulate it in the time it takes the elevator to reach the next floor. So my new “elevator speech” is, as follows: I work with professionals to increase their influence, and their sales by asking the right questions.

2015_05_01_worksOver the coming months my blog will focus on how we can better influence others. How can we use questions (versus directions or suggestions) to create better relationships and better results?  Most of the examples I use will be related to the work environment but all of them can be adapted to your personal life.  Whether you are trying to influence your boss to fund a project, attempting to make a sale, or negotiating with your two-year-old at home to get dressed, your ability to influence others toward helping you achieve your goals will make a tremendous difference in the quality of your life.


I will return to writing weekly blogs. I will point you in the direction of other people’s wisdom in this arena. I will offer webinars and coaching groups, all designed to more deeply develop your ability to influence.

2015_05_01_focusAnd my work will always circle back to The Law of Attraction, the ultimate influencer. You get more of what you focus on which is to say you influence the content and quality of your life by choosing your focus.  That won’t get lost in this deeper conversation about influence, I promise.

Over the next week I invite you to identify a challenge you are currently facing and continually ask yourself, “What can I focus on that will influence this to shift in a positive direction?”

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