What’s Good About This?

One thing about being an entrepreneur—you are forced to continually reinvent yourself, even if you don’t want to.  The market shifts, demand for your product or service changes, and you adapt or starve. Welcome to my world.

Truthfully, whether entrepreneurs or not, we are all called upon to reinvent ourselves from time to time. We generally don’t call it reinvention, though. We usually call it “change” and we don’t like it one bit!

Here are some common opportunities for reinvention:

  • A new boss with new expectations
  • New systems, processes or procedures
  • Losing health or getting it back
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • A new job
  • A new love relationship
  • Great financial loss or great financial gain
  • Retirement

As you might know, I love using questions as a way to direct focus.  To adapt well to any or all changes, it is important to ask this question:


If your knee-jerk reaction is, “Nothing, Silver!  There’s NOTHING good about this,” my follow-up question is:


I once had a coaching client who said, “I don’t call you anymore when I’m in a funk because I always know what you’re going to ask:  ‘What’s good about this?’ So now I just ask myself!”

Every change has two sides: positive and negative. We often focus so much on what’s bad about it that we miss that silver lining that’s in every cloud. So, whatever area of your life you are being called upon to reinvent, ask yourself (and write it down):


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